4 Young Emerging Artists' Show

Ash, Flannery, Kennedy, Webber

July 25 - August 7 2009

The 4 young emerging artists' show will showcase the works of Beth Kennedy, Kadee Webber, Erin Flannery and Sam Ash. Using very different media, they explore personal perceptions of that which exists beneath the surface of everyday reality.

Beth Kennedy
Beth Kennedy paints stories about life and relationships. Her works present as intimate interiors where snippets of narrative surface like dream fragments or repressed memory. Figurative elements are left purposely ill-defined so that the viewer might transpose something of themselves into the situations. An air of the unresolved hovers in the way the solitary women inhabit their domestic spaces. Everything seems groundless, fluctuating and insubstantial. Kennedy achieves this sense of fragility and psychological dislocation through a specific process. A model is placed within a setting where fractured light and unusual objects give rise to multiple pictorial possibilities. From her cropped photographic images, small watercolour roughs are made and the transparencies projected onto a stretched canvas: the resultant enlarging process abstracting and deleting all extraneous visual information. Happy accidents, spontaneous marks and paint-runs create the underlying mood. Certain areas are then selected to be painted in as solid shapes which provides compositional direction and spatial definition amidst the wavering patterns and flows of pastel washes. 

Now based in Brisbane, Beth Kennedy has a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Australian National University, Canberra, 2002 and a Certificate in Fine Arts, Albury TAFE, 1997. Her recent solo shows were held  with the Metro Arts Galleries Program, Brisbane, 2009 and at the John Gordon Gallery, Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2008. She has been a finalist in numerous prizes: The Artworkers Award 2007, Brisbane; the Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2007, Caloundra Regional Art Gallery, Queensland; the Queensland Villages Art Prize, Brisbane and the Churchie Emerging Art Award 2006,  Brisbane.  

Kadee Webber
Kadee Webber’s new works continue the conjoined themes of timelessness and the vibrancy of the feminine psyche. The aspirations and journeys made by women, be they grand or small, persist for future generations within Webber’s watery realms of the subconscious. Offering a kind of visual diving platform, her images give access into a world startlingly alive with vivid colour and fluid motion. Very much a cross-media exercise, each work begins with a photographic shoot and is finished with hand-painted detailing. Various members of her family are involved in the initial creative process: her sister being the model; her mother the seamstress/wardrobe person and Webber presiding as the stage manager and photographer. In her most recent body of work, the ‘Starlet Series’, Kadee is herself the model and a professional photographer was employed. Elaborately costumed and jumping fully clothed into her local Southport swimming pool (watched by a host of incredulous onlookers) was an experience the young artist will not readily forget! 

Born 1989, Kadee Webber resides on the Gold Coast and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane. At just 20 years old, she is already the recipient of a number of awards: The Ministers Art Awards 2007; the Queensland Youth Art Awards 2007; the Gold Coast Show Art Prize 2005 and 2006, and was a finalist in the Energies Exhibition, Gold Coast Art Centre and the Border Art Prize 2006. She has participated in the Ministers Art Awards’ artist camp, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane.  
Erin Flannery
Self professed “lover of all things black, white, weird, wonderful and fashion related”, Erin Flannery turns her daily observations of the fashion world into works of art. Chic ‘young things’ pose and pout - their fashionista attitudes strikingly relayed through the most minimal of means. A masterful mix of simplicity and sophistication, each figurative element has been astutely analysed and then pared down to its essential imagery. The characteristic arm on hip, inturned feet in “killer heels”, shadowed eyes gazing out from a tilted head and oversized designer bags are conveyed with a simple drawn line or black silhouettes stencilled onto white grounds. Increasingly, Erin’s practice oscillates between reduction and addition. Certain areas are masked off and left completely unpainted - the raw linen contributing tonal and textural interest. Traditional handicrafts are also employed: cutting, stitching, collage and vintage doilies extend the limitations of paint and pencil. Her wry humour and sense for the absurd is articulated via the reconfiguring of body parts, most usually a leg with that of a chair or table. Coupling spontaneity and deliberation, Erin Flannery takes control of pictorial space with a remarkable confidence.  
Born 1983, Erin Flannery currently resides in Northern NSW. She trained at the Queensland Institute of Graphic Art and has an advanced Diploma of Graphic Design, 2002. Erin’s work has been included in growing number of noteworthy collections including that of celebrity fashion designer, Charlie Brown. Her first solo was with the Tweed River Art Gallery Cafe, Murwillumbah in 2005 and she has participated in a number of exhibitions including: Bread and Butter, Kirra 2009, the Community Printmakers Murwillumbah Inc. Print Awards, 2005 and the Raw, Street Art Exhibition, Kingscliff, 2005. Most recently she has been involved in exploring ‘street art’ styles and has installed life-sized paste ups of “her girls” on public walls. A “gang of 9” graces an upstairs wall at  the Neverland nightclub in Kirra, Queensland.   

Sam Ash
Sam Ash’s suite of photographs is a collection of diverse and highly personal, aesthetic responses to life’s intangibles. Defined by the dramatic way he uses natural light - or the absence of it - narrative emerges from dark shadows or the liminal, half-light of dusk. The variable, shifting  light mesmerises and dislocates, triggering memories and associations which extend our experience of the world. Ash’s photographs are not about reproducing or documenting a moment in time, they are designed to resonate with the viewer in the most suggestive, subjective way. We experience the images with a tinge of uncertainty, unsure of our place in relation to them. There is an abiding  sense of something unseen nearby. Although each work is self-contained and isolated in content, when experienced as a suite, the disparate subjects play off one another, forging relationships which disrupt expectation. The viewer is caught in that transitional space between past and present, memory and forgetting. Sam Ash presents a rich and hauntingly beautiful tableaux which gives testimony to the immense potency of the photographic medium.

Born in England 1985, Sam Ash currently lives and works from Sydney, Australia. Since his arrival from England seven years ago, he has established himself as a much sought-after independent photographer. Recent shows include: 30 x 40 United Galleries, Sydney, 2009; Renault New Generation, Sydney Art Fair, Never Far, China Heights Gallery, Sydney, 2008; Spontaneous Instinct, China Heights Gallery, Sydney; Chalk Reindeer, Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney; 2024 Art on the Street, Sydney; Localism, Sedition Gallery, Sydney; 5 Pockets, Monster Children Gallery, Sydney; 5 Pockets, The Lee Gallery, Melbourne; Cause we can, Someday's Gallery, Sydney and the 100th China Heights Art Show, China Heights Gallery, Sydney, 2007. His photographs have also appeared in several publications which include Monster Children magazine, Vice magazine, 5 Pockets brochure, Kent magazine, Empty magazine and the Localism journal.

Jacqueline Houghton

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