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Jodie Wells

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Featured below are select works by Jodie Wells. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

Poised Red Masked Finch Intent Ponder Kingfisher Insightful Pause Kookaburra Inquisitive Peek Cockatiel
Gleaming Splendid Fairy Wren Frozen Interlude Pardalote Dynamic Vigour Brown Horse Dainty Perch Superb Fairy Wren
Bewitching Kingfisher Red Masked Finch Viewpoint - Barnowl Observation - Barn Owl
Looking Down Cockatiel Introspection - Magpie Blushing Beak Ringnet Parrot White And Red Ranunculi
Major Mitchell Cockatoo Pet Cockatoo Bay Stately Grace Curious Cockatiel
Blue Budgie Great Eagle - Rock Landing Crimson Trio Balance Crimson Finch