A Christmas Exhibition

December 20 2014

Every year in celebration of the season and to thank our artists and valued clients, Anthea Polson Art hosts a Christmas party and special group exhibition featuring a work by each of the gallery's represented artists. There is a $500 prize for the work considered to be the most innovative and everyone will get a chance to cast a vote for the Peoples' Choice Award. The theme this year is Miniatures.

The tradition of miniature art has evolved throughout the centuries and out of a variety of cultural conventions. From the genre's inception in the 7th century and into the present day it has been associated with reduced scale. Customarily a miniature is an artwork with very specific limitations concerning size and format. Certain miniatures were so tiny that they required a magnifying glass to fully appreciate the meticulous attention to detail and fine brush strokes.

Interestingly, the origin of the term ‘miniature' in regard to art had nothing to do with size. It is said to come from the Latin word ‘miniare', meaning ‘to colour with red lead', as was the practice for producing illuminated manuscripts. The designation ‘miniature' once applied only to paintings rendered in watercolour on vellum, a fine parchment made from the skin but of a calf. Nowadays the precept has been expanded to allow any ground and medium.

The works in this exhibition embrace a much looser definition to that which is traditionally considered miniature by the world's Miniature Art Societies. However, these small paintings and sculptures do offer a wonderful opportunity to collect a favourite artist's work. With the great diversity in subject, style and medium, the exhibition showcases the creativity of the gallery's represented artists in adapting to a ‘miniature' mode of expression.

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