Christmas Exhibition

The Colour Red

December 14, 2013 - January 4, 2014

Every year in celebration of the season and to thank our artists and valued clients, Anthea Polson Art hosts a Christmas party and special group exhibition featuring a work by each of the gallery's represented artists. The theme this year is The Colour Red. There is $500 prize for the work considered to be the most innovative interpretation of the exhibition's theme and everyone will get a chance to cast a vote for the Peoples' Choice Award.
Colour is crucial in the formation of visual language. It is closely associated with mental and emotional states and can affect them profoundly. This is partly to do with a colour's vibratory frequency and partly to do with tradition. Red is perhaps the most powerful colour in the spectrum; it is such a dominant hue that only the smallest amount is necessary to create impact.
Quite apart from associations with the festive season, red can denote vitality, strength, passion and speed as well as danger, anger and aggression. The colour red has accompanied humanity since prehistoric times onwards. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Christians, Chinese, Maya and Australia's aborigines have all employed the colour red in various symbolic contexts.
Artists today generally work with colour on a purely intuitive level. When presented with this year's theme most were excited to explore the implications and possibilities of red pigment. A few responded with a touch of trepidation, hesitant at the prospect of utilising such an overwhelmingly dynamic and psychologically charged colour. Innate creativity and enthusiasm for a challenge have resulted in the most interesting responses and outcomes that are as diverse as the individual styles of expression.


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