Veronica Cay

reflections from the rabbit hole

September 29 - October 13 2018

Featured below are select works from Veronica Cay reflections from the rabbit hole. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

push and pull the Madonna of the school run (the road to Golgotha) cast adrift (at the school gate) reflections from the rabbit hole
fortified disguise collections management II collections management I stories laced together
bugger off i'm wearing my fancy pants eyes front always playing statues after dark restraint - amoderndaytale
coupled lifeforce memories past - after diebenkorn kindling the silence
Looking For Sunshine On A Cloudy Day the visit - dreams a plenty into the swim no standing (still)
fields of wonder guessing games moira bemused
camouflage bouquet orders and vows rosie
the middle child the benefactor jeanpool witness
grounded listening with your heart

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