Marilyn Peck

Retrospective 1980 to 2005

February 21 - March 21 2015

Featured below are select works from Marilyn Peck Retrospective 1980 to 2005. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

The Barman's Call Dancing With Knives Vines Fruiting The Wolf That Follows
Soon The Hounds Were Unleashed In A Fury Royal Hearts Remembering Desire Other World
Oisin Leaving The Land Of Youth May The Contest Be On My Head Garden Of Clubs Brushing Her Hair
Both The Head And The Neck They Cut Off Princess On Parade Afternoon Tea Gypsy
Tree Of Dreams The Glittering Prize Rose And Hearts Paris And Helen
Brunhilda Appletree Dreaming Merlin And The Queen Caped Courtesan
Dollmakers Dreaming Mirror Mirror Lady On A Long Chair Pelicans And Pandanus
Flying Carpets Spellseekers Bright And Glittering The Foresters And The Honey Search Moon Rocket
The Bride I Am The Bull Of Seven Battles Golden Child Wind Garden
Drumbeat For A Sun God Rallentando - Musical Decrease In Speed The Daughters Of Thespius Coffee In The Colonnade
Broken Bay Boating The Lotus Garden Mrs Porter And Her Daughter Going To Inglewood Forest

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