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Kristin Tennyson

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Featured below are select works by Kristin Tennyson. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

How To Teach A Bear To Dance A Bird That Goes Tweet Tweet I The Fall Of Captain America III Susan Had A Way With Animals
Guide Law: A Guide Is Thrifty How To Race A Crocodile How To Handle A Hamster How To Get To Sleep Without Pills
Guide Handbook, Enjoying The Outdoors Australiana I Born On Easter Sunday II Australiana V
Scout Handbook Rule 2 I Have No Gifts To Bring There Ain't Nothin' There Have No Fear Spidey Is Here III
Australiana IV Fall Of Captain America II We Wear Hoodies The Conversation
Super Dooper Storm Trooper Hand to Hand Combat 2 Blue Boy Boy With Bowl Of Nerf Guns