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Jodie Wells

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Featured below are select works by Jodie Wells. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

Engaging Electus Parrot Main Beach Carpark - Byron Bay Belongil Beach - Byron Bay Small White Pied Budgie
Deliberating Black Shouldered Kite Cheeky Long Billed Corella Garden Wren Female Fairywren
Orchards In Dark Red Vase Striking Violet Masked Parrot Gentle Observation - Brown Horse Three Proteas
Pondering Portrait Kingfisher Looking Up Imperial Stance Precision Balance Rainbow Lorikeet
One Protea Juvenille Kookaburra Twisting Blue Faced Honey Eater Sweet Peas
Dreaming Splendid Fairy Wren Roses, Peonies and Dahlias Philosophising Kingfisher Portrait Of A Horse